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Champs de lavande en Provence


Individual exhibitions and international fairs 2022



From 05 to 22 February my first personal exhibition (solo show) in Ireland in Dublin with the doorway gallery


Affordable art fair hampstead London from May 5th to 8th with the Art agency esher gallery

Fresh art fair in England in cheltenham from June 10 to 12 with

Affordable art fair battersea in London from October 20 to 23 with

Charity sale in November (date to be confirmed)

Other trade fairs in Europe may be added...

And of course my paintings are permanently exhibited in the galleries that expose me in England, Ireland and the United States...and in France on a virtual art gallery and in my studio..





INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS and international fairs


FRESH ART FAIR cheltenham from 05 to 08 august 2021

2021 Art agency            England

2021 Lilford gallery        England

2021 Paragon gallery     England

2021 Doorway gallery     Ireland

2020  Lilford gallery       England

2020 hatch gallery         England

2020 Paragon gallery     England

2020 Doorway gallery    Ireland

2020 Lake Gallery       France





















      Corine KO

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